Make falls a thing of the past. Click here to shop our bath safety products online.Click here to shop for portable oxygen supplies.We offer a variety of medical equipment rentals. Click here to contact us for details.
Make falls a thing of the past. Click here to shop our bath safety products online.Click here to shop for portable oxygen supplies.We offer a variety of medical equipment rentals. Click here to contact us for details.

Dear Friend:

This business is a living tribute to both my parents who have passed on: my mother, who died from complications of Alzheimer’s, and my father, who died too young at 58 of pancreatic cancer.

Though my Dad's dream company was sold shortly after his death, the goal of this present company is to become a living testament to what might have been had he lived—he worked so hard to raise eight children, employ many people, and take care of thousands of customers with their healthcare facilities, including those who were sick and needed medical care.

Our goal is to help not only those who can afford it but those who cannot, and to that latter end, we have been approved to accept Medicare payments, an arduous process that took two and a half years to complete.

With that said, welcome to the Mozena Medical Supplies and Equipment website. Mozena Medical is also a brick-and-mortar retail and wholesale store in Long Beach, CA.

Many people who get into the medical supply and equipment business are motivated primarily by their desire to make a lot of profit, to the point of even defrauding Medicare, which harms seniors, the sick, and other American citizens.

My motive is much different.

For more than 25 years, I have had a thriving publishing/printing business which amply provides for my family.

But, at 55 years old, I also have almost as much experience in the medical supply and equipment industry, thanks to my Dad.

I learned much of it from my father. From 1945 until his death in 1979, my dad worked hard in the medical and surgical supply field. In 1954, he purchased the company he worked for. (See a copy of the original letter he mailed current clientele at the time on this homepage.) His company at its peak covered ten states and served hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians. It had a huge, awesome retail store in downtown Portland, OR, adjacent to the Portland Public Library, serving the general public. Unfortunately, Dad died a young man at 58, having raised eight children.


This ISN'T my Dad's company, though; his company was sold by me years ago and was based in Portland, where I was born and raised.

My reason for re-entering this field is that I didn't want my God-given experience through my father to go to waste.

I wanted to help people in times of need save money on their medical supplies and equipment. I want to give back what I have learned. My senior citizen neighbors often complain to me about the high costs of medical equipment, supplies, and so forth, especially for those who live on fixed incomes.

I also learned plenty from my mother about the needs of seniors. She passed away at the age of 90 in January of 2014. By the way, see how she served the people of Portland with the founding and managing of the first bed and breakfast in Portland in the early 1980s. She sold it in 1996 but her legacy lives on because the new owners still operate it today. She proudly named it Portland's White House because it looks like the real one. See

Truly, I can help lower the high costs of medical equipment and supplies, no matter what my competition says. I grew up in the field and know the nuances of purchasing in every facet to facilitate the best price.

Former president Bill Clinton famously said "I feel your pain," but I cannot only sympathize and empathize with you about your pain, I can help alleviate that pain by providing you comfort with our medical supplies and equipment.

I can help lower medical supply and equipment costs for everyone, but especially for seniors, the disabled, and those on fixed incomes.

Look at my experience. While political leaders talk about lowering costs, I have practical experience of having done it. Few people had the privilege of growing up like I did in this medical supply field. Truly, I know how to help --- YOU.

As of now, I'm a assembling a great team of caring and intelligent people for my staff to serve you. In fact, feel free to pass along your resume or let someone know I'm always looking for awesome people to add to an already awesome staff. One reason is I'd love pass along my knowledge and experience to the younger generation to continue to help humanity, not only as customers but as staff. For them, it will provide a prestigious career and a nice income to provide for themselves and their families for years to come.

At this point, do you want to purchase your medical supplies and equipment for less than you will pay at other companies either at the local brick-and-mortar stores or online?

Yes? Then, you have come to the right place, and you are dealing with the right man, the right team and the right company.

In the field of medicine, in supply and equipment as well as patient care, I have a huge amount of experience.

I entered the field as a youngster of eight at my father's Physician and Hospital Supply Company -- actually I was born into the medical field because of my Dad and Mom too. I put together admission kits, which were used in hospitals and nursing homes. My father pioneered those kits.

In fact, I got experience in virtually every facet of the business like the following areas:

Cleaning toilets
Shipping and receiving
Picking orders
Stocking shelves
Typing invoices
Purchasing supplies and equipment
Quoting bids
Securing Agreements and Contracts

Moreover, as a part of my education at the all-boys Central Catholic High School, I took a medical career class as an elective at Monroe High School, an all-girls public high school, in which I learned not only theoretical knowledge in anatomy and medical terminology, but also gained practical experience in medical equipment and supplies, from how to use a steam autoclave to how to insert a catheter.

Beyond this, I had a summer internship, which turned into a seasonal job, working for the State of Oregon's Health Science Center in their Lab Stores, in their hospital accounting and purchasing department, where I learned the workings of the governmental accounting and purchasing system as well.

Upon my father's death, I managed the Seattle branch of the company. A year later, I found a buyer and sold our Pacific Northwest medical and surgical supply company for my mother, although, at the time, I was 20 years old, I wished Mom had kept it and let me manage it.

Despite that, our company was both wholesale and retail. In retail, we dealt with home health agreements with health organizations. I learned not only how to quote bids, but how to get price protections from the manufacturers. I have dealt with many of these manufacturers for years, and will work with them now to create lower prices that will benefit you.

After I sold the company I inherited from my father, I made a bold move and got a job working for the leading hospital supply company, American Hospital Supply, at its corporate headquarters in Chicago. While I was working there, the company reached a billion dollars in annual sales.

Subsequently, I moved to Boston, where I worked for Daly Drug and Hospital Supply. At the same time, I was learning to develop a national medical company in each region of the country.

After finishing college as a full-time student, I moved to Los Angeles, where I got a job within a week at FoxMeyer Hospital Supply. My territory covered hospitals such as California Hospital and White Memorial in Los Angeles, and hospitals in the San Fernando Valley. With much success and the award of the large hospital contract, V.H.A., I was asked to move to Arizona to help service the new contract there. Later, I would work for Bay Area Surgical and Stuart's Drug and Supply in San Francisco, capping off my supply experience in the field.

As a side note, right now, at 55 years old, I’ve nearly completed a university graduate program to obtain my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies, so I can better serve you as my customers.

My knowledge is extensive, on everything from enemas to wheelchairs, exam tables to surgical procedure packs.

I have also had the opportunity to work for two of my brothers who are physicians. I worked from front office to back office, learning billing systems for everything from Medicare to Blue Cross. And, honestly, I'm working hard to be a contracted vendor with all of these healthcare insurance companies—and believe me, it isn't a easy process.

Given all this experience, I pledge to those who purchase from my company that I will continue to strive to offer the highest quality medical supply and equipment products at the lowest prices.

And, if we don't stock it, we can it get the same day, next day, or two days.

Finally, please let me help you and, at the same, time, I ask you to help me grow my company, so I can help many more people like you for years to come—because "your family's health is important as my family's health".

We will take care of you and we will help comfort you.

Give me and us the opportunity to help you with your medical and equipment needs so not only we can help you but help others as we grow in size and scope as Mozena Medical Supplies and Equipment, Inc.

I, my family, and staff will appreciate your patronage. We always appreciate referrals as well.

From our family to yours, best wishes and good health.

Thank you in advance.


Mozena Family

Steve Mozena, a Dad and a Husband and Founder of Mozena Medical Supplies and Equipment, Inc. along with Wife, Lucille and Daughter Arista.

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